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Questions I Get Asked A Lot About NLP Sessions

There are some questions that I get asked on a regular basis. I’ve spent a lot of time this week on the phone taking enquiries from individuals who are thinking of coming to do some sessions with me, so a lot of those questions are fresh in my mind. The questions with brief answers I’m going to address here. The longer ones will be posted separately, one at a time.

Q. Can you guarantee that I will make the change I want to make?
A. No I can’t. No-one can guarantee that for you except yourself. Beware anyone who says they can.

Q. I’ve been to see a therapist/hypnotherapist/coach before. I had limited success but it didn’t last. Is there any point in coming to see you?
A. My approach is as effective as it is distinct. If what you tried before hasn’t worked I may well be able to offer you a new approach. However, see above question.

Q. What is the difference between CBT and NLP. Which will work best for me?
A. I can only answer this from an NLP point of view – I have no CBT training but my understanding is that CBT being Cognitive Behavioural Therapy works predominantly with the conscious thinking processes. NLP works with both conscious and unconscious processes at the same time. I think this is why NLP can work more quickly and also probably the reason I have worked successfully with individuals who have had unconscious behaviours they hadn’t been able to change with CBT.

Q. I’ve done lots of NLP before – do you think it just doesn’t work for me?
A. NLP can potentially work for anyone who wants to use it, but you do have to be prepared to use it, i.e. to engage fully in the process. It doesn’t matter how much NLP you have done before, I’ve worked one to one with NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and even NLP Trainers. It doesn’t matter how much NLP you know or how many sessions you have done with other Practitioners, if there is something you want to change and you haven’t changed it yet, there will be a reason that you haven’t changed it yet. Finding this reason and dealing with it is the key to changing it, and that’s always possible.

Q. I’m not very good at visualisation – will this be a problem?
A. Not at all. Visualisation is just one NLP technique and there are many others. If you don’t get along with visualisation, there are plenty of other ways to approach making changes. Most sessions are based around conversation, often NLP techniques are simply not needed.

Q. I’m worried I won’t be able to remember what you say, my memory is not great.
A. That’s fine. Understanding is much more important than remembering, though if there is anything particular from a session that you would like to take away and think about I will happily draw up the main points for you or we can make a short MP3 audio in the session which I can then email to you for you to use at home later.

There is more about what I do on my website and if you have questions that I haven’t addressed here you are welcome to post them for my attention.